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LOS ANGELES—Sept. 16:  At its National Board meeting held in Chicago on September 5th, NA’AMAT USA passed the following resolution which was sent to the White House.

Dear President Obama,

We, the officers and board members of NA’AMAT USA, a national and international organization promoting the welfare rights of women, children and families in Israel and around the world, strongly oppose the Supreme Court’s recent decision in the Hobby Lobby case allowing employers to refuse to pay for birth control coverage.  Numerous other insurance services are covered; why not birth control?  This is selective discrimination that should be outlawed.

We stand firmly with the Obama administration and its proposed policy preventing billion-dollar corporations from following Hobby Lobby by refusing to provide coverage for birth control.  We strongly support the administration’s efforts to ensure universal access to no-copay birth control for every woman regardless of her place of employment or the religious views of her employer.  Personal beliefs have no place in corporate policy.  Corporations of any size should be unable to block a woman’s access to birth control.

In pending HHS regulations in response to the harmful Hobby Lobby decision, we suggest inclusion of the following:

*Billion-dollar corporations must be prohibited from refusing to pay for birth control coverage.  Birth control is basic health care that should be covered by employers regardless of a company’s size.

*All employees and prospective employees must be made aware of their employer’s refusal to pay for birth control coverage.

In conclusion, we strongly support the Obama administration’s efforts to protect women’s access to birth control and prevent CEOs from deciding unilaterally whether or not women are entitled to no-copay birth control.


21515 Vanowen St.

Canoga Park, CA.  91303

Signed  by:   Elizabeth Raider, National President

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