GrapeVine to Go Live in Atlanta and Los Angeles

GrapeVine to Go Live in Atlanta and Los Angeles

Jewish Engagement Platform Provides Personalized Event and Activity Recommendations to Young Adults and Young Families

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The GrapeVine website and mobile app will go live in two new cities this week: Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA. Part of a broader GrapeVine initiative to engage Jews in community life through technology and database aggregation, the GrapeVine user platform will launch today in Atlanta and in Los Angeles on September 2. It will provide Jewish young adults and young families with personalized recommendations for events, articles, and experiences available to them in their local communities. GrapeVine currently operates in New York City, Portland, and Rhode Island and is actively used by over 65,000 people. With the launch, GrapeVine will be introduced to more than 40,000 new young adults and families.

GrapeVine to Go Live in Atlanta and Los Angeles

GrapeVine to Go Live in Atlanta and Los Angeles

Spearheading each launch, respectively, is The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta and The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, GrapeVine is primarily funded by The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, and housed under the NuRoots initiative, a program designed to engage 20- and 30-somethings in Jewish life.

“NuRoots is excited by the possibilities of bringing GrapeVine to LA, just one of the many ways we are helping young adults find and discover the diverse opportunities in our community,” says Sara Allen, Vice President of NuRoots at The Jewish Federation. “We hope that GrapeVine’s personalized approach will help young Jews across LA explore and connect with each other, and also expand the reach of the many organizations and individuals who are doing incredible work for young adults. We think the impact will be powerful.”

Amanda Abrams, Vice President of Community Planning and Impact at the Atlanta Federation, says, “Federation is thrilled to bring Grapevine to the city. Not only does GrapeVine enable us to better identify and retain Jewish individuals in Atlanta but it also places the incredible resources of the Jewish community at the fingertips of the individual.”

The adoption of GrapeVine in both Atlanta and Los Angeles represents these communities’ first projects to specifically attract young professionals and families using predictive technology. Each city will launch with fifteen organizational partners to provide content and programming suggestions.

What is GrapeVine?
GrapeVine uses data aggregation, targeted marketing, and predictive analytics to engage users in Jewish life. Similar to Amazon or Netflix, GrapeVine acts as an intelligent recommendation engine that suggests events, content, and activities to individuals, based on their unique needs and preferences. Individuals can curate their own Jewish journey by selecting the content most appropriate to their life stage and current interests. Instead of having to look up individual events on numerous organizations’ websites, GrapeVine users receive an aggregated email, listing customized offerings across the Jewish community. Partner organizations, such as synagogues and non-profits, benefit from participating in GrapeVine because they can share their programs and events with a wider swath of the local Jewish population.

Users can sign-up for GrapeVine at or download the mobile app at app.grape‐

To learn more about GrapeVine, contact Deborah Ben-Moshe, National Director of Community Outreach and Engagement at

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