Hazon announces Eco-Passover theme for annual Passover retreat at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center

Falls Village, CT – The Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center of Hazon has announced ‘Eco-Passover’ as the theme for this year’s annual Passover Retreat to be held April 14 – 23, 2014. The holiday program will focus on Hazon’s commitment to building healthier and more sustainable communities in the Jewish world and beyond in celebration of the biblical exodus from Egypt and freedom from slavery of the Israelite people.

“As the nation’s leading Jewish environmental organization, liberating ourselves from unsustainable practices toward the promised land of a healthier and more sustainable community deeply aligns with our mission,” said Hazon’s Director of Transformative Experiences, Adam Segulah Sher. “With Earth Day falling on the Eighth Day of Passover this year, we will take advantage of our time together both to enjoy the holiday and to explore the relevance of Passover to our collective responsibility to care for the planet.”

“Freedom is an important motif in the Passover narrative. But the Torah also teaches us that this freedom is only sustainable if we create a sustainable world,” said Program Manager, Reb Yaakov Reef, who is designing the Passover Retreat.

In keeping with the values of Hazon and celebrating the theme of Eco-Passover, the AdamahFoods kitchen will feature the highest quality kosher for Passover foods, sourced as locally as possible, including delicious OU glatt kosher pastured meats raised on local farms and sourced by Grow and Behold.

“We will celebrate our freedom by nourishing ourselves with homemade, ethically and locally sourced, Passover feasts, inspiring a renewed enthusiasm for the natural connection between the Jewish tradition and the eco-consciousness that we are so much in need of today,” said Sher.

Other highlights include daily Jewish environmental programing for kids; tours of the organic farm, gardens, and orchard; early spring hikes through the retreat center’s 400-acre forest; yoga; eco-passover themed classes; and the birth of baby goats!

This retreat is for everyone. Every year there is a great mix of seniors, families, young couples, and everyone in between. For more information and to register, visit hazon.org/passover.

Reb Yaakov Reef, Program Manager
Hazon / Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center
116 Johnson Road
Falls Village, CT 06031
Office: 860.824.5991 x325

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