Poll: Israelis Support Military Strike on Iran, Do Not Believe Obama Will Consult Israel on Iranian Nukes

Contact: David Drimer, ddrimer@zoa.org

October 23 — A recent poll has shown that clear majorities of Israelis support Israel undertaking military strikes against Iran, should this prove necessary to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. A new Israel Hayom - New Wave Research poll shows that nearly two-thirds of Israelis — 66% — favor such a strike, as opposed to a mere 22% who oppose it. The same poll also found that:

  • Israelis approved of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s United Nations General Assembly speech earlier this month by a margin of 51% to 11%.
  • A large majority of 84% of Israelis said they did not believe that the international talks with Iran could convince Iran to abandon its military nuclear program, as opposed to 7% who believe that this will be the result.
  • 47% of Israelis do not believe that President Barack Obama would deliver on his promise to consult with Israel on the issue of Iran, as opposed to 38% who believe that he would. (‘Poll: Two-thirds of Israeli Jews back unilateral Iran strike,’ Israel Hayom, October 4, 2013).

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “The Israeli public has a clearly realistic sense of the looming danger posed by an Iranian regime intent on obtaining nuclear weapons.

“Like people everywhere, the Israeli public wants to achieve the ending of the Iranian nuclear weapons program peacefully, but simply does not believe that negotiations will actually produce this vital result. That is why we are seeing today majority support for military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities, should this be the only avenue remaining to achieve the desired goal.”

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