Greek Neo-Nazi Party Again Attacks Israel and “American Zionists”

New York – August 21, 2013 – A spokesman for the Golden Dawn, the Greek neo-Nazi political party, published an article today in the party’s newspaper, Chrysi Avgi, once again accusing Israel and “American Zionists” of a multitude of alleged “sins.”

The article, written by Ilias Kassidiaris, makes the astonishing claims that “Greece is being transformed into an energy protectorate of the American Zionists” and that “the so-called joint defense policy between Greece and Israel is treason for our national interests.” Rather, the author, characteristically ignoring all the evidence, asserts that “the Turks and Jews are de facto allies and partners” against Greece.

“Tragically, according to polls, the Golden Dawn today ranks third among political parties in Greece, which is why such patently ridiculous assertions can’t simply be ignored,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. “The party is not in the governing coalition. Indeed, the parties in power have categorically, and repeatedly, condemned its calls to racism and incitement. But the Golden Dawn, including Kassidiaris, sits in the Greek Parliament, where members seek to propagate their neo-Nazi, xenophobic platform.

“That such a party exists at all, especially in a country that fought so valiantly against the occupying Third Reich, and lost nearly ten percent of its entire population in the war, is profoundly upsetting for all friends of Greece,” Harris added. “It feeds off the severe economic crisis that has engulfed Greece, which is yet another compelling reason why Europe, the United States, and international financial institutions must continue to support efforts to restore a sense of hope, possibility, and growth for the nation’s future.”

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